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Digital Magnetic Speed Sensors

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Combination of a passive speed sensor with a built-in amplifier changing the amplifiercurrent output of the coil into a digital (on-off) square-wave output with the passing of a ferrous metal gear or slug. Powered by your control unit or instrumentation,

the sensor provides amplitude pulses at very low surface speeds
and operates at much larger air-gap settings, with a high output current and a low output impedance.


Low output impedance ( Typical 10 ohms )
High output current (25 ma. maximum)
Constant output amplitude independent of speed,
gap distance and, run-out over a wide operating range.
A constant output signal suitable for direct use in
digital equipment.
Excellent sensitivity

Shell configuration:

Shell material is 300 series Stainless Steel.
Choice of two thread sizes:
5/8"-18 Unf-2A and
3/4"-20 Unf-2A
Minimum over-all length is 3.500"
Cable attachment or 3-pin connector


Power requirements: 5 to 28 V dc.
Reverse Power protection.
Output Logic 0 .... 0 MV.
Logic 1 .... Approximately 3/4 V. less than supply Voltage
Sensing Range:.. Up to .060" on fine pitch gears
Up to .120" on large pitch gears or slug
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 70C
Maximum Supply Current: 35 ma.
Maximum Output Current: 25 ma.

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