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1/8" Pipe Threaded Magnetic Pickup
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SPECIFICATIONS-(500200SERIES) Output Voltage: 8.0V. (P-P:Min.) Resistance:1750ohms(MaT) Temperature Range:-100Fto+225F Pole Piece Dia.:.109In. Electric Breakdown Test: Leads to case must withstand 500Vac.@60Hz.for10sec.
Polarity:Red Iead to go positive when magnetic flux linkage is increased Shell: Zinc Plated Steel
Tested @.025" Gap Distance--Motor RPM 1800--Gearsize 8 Pitch-12 Teeth--Surface Speed 165 Inches/second
Preamplifier for Magnetic Pickups
C&A Transducers offers a comprehensive line of plastic sensors for use in high volume OEM applications where low cost is a requirement. Dimensional and electrical specifications available upon request.

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New Products
Web Special PN# CA375200
P/N CA375200  3/8" Magnetic Speed Sensor, 3/8-24 fine threads 2.5"L with a
6' shielded cable. This sensor is equivalent to Barber Colman/Woodward
Governor DYNT-17200, Generac 82130D/08213D and Kohler 276404.
Large volume in stock, economically priced.
Web Special